Friday, 22 February 2013

Some defects in governance and thoughts

According to my experience i think that social practices are much more dominant than the rule of law. whether we talk about the verdict given by the panchayat or any local community groups those verdicts are respected and at times over power the rule of law.Just to elaborate my point i would like to give an example.As an official picture (rules,Avt ,policy,programmes ),provisions of the constitution of india itself denote that discrimination of any type is constitutionally not acceptable.Every individual is protected by law on any kind of discrimination.But ,from the other hand social practice is quite opposite of that.The old values is still much more prevalent and practiced,for an example the status of women in the society,even after constitutional provision,many policies,programmes remains very low on indicators.Patriarchal beliefs,social ideology and practices many  a times over power of the rule.When it comes to practice,the unwritten social code of conduct is given priority over the written law.Hence the challenge is how to make a shift from mere governance to governance outcomes.

It is important to mention that the world is changing,very got transformed from local to global with IT and communication revolution.Economically also,in the era of globalisation,the interdependence between the countries have increased much more.But the larger question still to be answered that how much we have changed with the changing world.Are we still rigid and not able to accommodate new ideas?? or our ideas are much more superior to any other type? The question which we also need to look at is have our governance system is changing as per the need of the hour or ready to change and provide good governance and providing better service to the people.

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