Saturday, 9 February 2013

Good governance- A long journey

Times has gone through many phases.In the pre-independence period Father of the nation`s vision of good governance essentially meant democratic decentralisation which entailed power to the Gram panchayats and people at the lowest level of political hierarchy.By the early 1990`s However,the idea of good governance had turned into a metaphor of donor-conditionally for the debt-ridden countries Asia and Africa.

It would be good to bear in mind that governance refers to the interaction between government and other actors of the social sphere and the process of decisioning in a complex world.
The core values that go into the making of good governance are participatory decision making,accountability and transparency,efficient and responsive structure underlying the political system and equity which involves fairness and rule of law.A society striving to achieve the ideals of good governance needs to work on these values to ensures that people get their rightful share in the fruits of development of the country.

lot of initiatives have been taken in this direction which are having a significant impact on the lives of people and their relationship.The Right to information(RTI) Act has been a powerful instrument in the hands of people to ensure transparency in the decision making process.There are a number of cases where this right has been used by the people to get better civic facilities,cut down red-tape and delay in decision making and punish the corrupt.

E-governance initiatives are among the other sets of measures which is transforming the way the government functions and relates to the citizens.It is indeed true that exclusion of large segments of people from decision making process results in unresponsive government and gives rise to an exploitative system.The Panchayati Raj institution is now an essential forum for direct and participatory governance at the Village level.

                                          A LONG JOURNEY

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