Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Akhand hind- A dream and reality


Akhand hind is a dream of many Hindu organisation in India and abroad.They want establish a Hindu nation by uniting the Indian subcontinent which includes Pakistan,Bangladesh and some times even up to Malaysia where there are traces if monarchy of Indian kings were present.I strongly believe this idea of Akhand hind is unrealistic and be harmful to the nation.Recently Narendra modi has revealed another face of Akhand hind.

In his most famous interview to shahid siddiqi of Urdu weekly Nai duniya,Narendra modi expressed his views of Akhand hind "My dream is that from Kashmir to kanyakumari",people should be ek and nek(one and good)....it is the imperialists in Pakistan who are running a campaign for Akhand hind,so that Pakistan,India and Bangladesh can be come one and this can be a Muslim-majority country...these people want to place Indian Muslims on the front line and create tension".
In reply to this opinion working president of vishwa Hindu parshid DR. pravin thogadia tweeted"No Hindu campaign for Akhand hind are Pakistani imperialists.In interview given to shahid siddiqi".This sentenced shows the tensed relationship between the Hindu constitution and modi.But Narendra modi is partially right in his opinion about the Akhand hind.If Pakistan and Bangladesh unites with India the situation in India worsens as the majority Muslims of these countries will be welcomed by pseudo proponents of the country and the life of citizens of India becomes miserable.We are already experiencing the tension in Assam due to the soft corner towards the Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam.
Dream of Hindu organisations may partially come true.Nothing can be ruled off in the present situation of terrorism and unrest in Pakistan.But I wish it won`t happen.

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