Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Asia development alliance

 In a recent meeting in Bangkok served  Asian national and international platforms and networks of civil society organisation that work on international development issues got together to form the Asia development Alliance to promote south-south collaboration and joint action on concerns relevant to the region.

                        SUSTAINABLE GROWTH WITH  EQUITY

 To faster long term ,sustainable growth and reduce volatility the global community must promote good governance ,invest in stable and accountable institutions ,fight  corruption ensure that the rule of law and build resilience to shocks in all countries.We recognise the indispensability of economic and social justice,individual choice and opportunity for all.This includes the empowerment of women and girls;investments in young people`s development and expanding social protection schemes;and ensuring universal learning and access to health care including sexual and reproductive health.
it is imperative to change the current pattern of natural resource (both renewable and nonrenewable) exploition,in order to diversity our economic base and use natural resources sustainably.This must benefit local populations ,whilst promoting sustainable development.
My own experience has shown that when the political leadership granted key civil servants direct access,it was possible to resolve  issues that might have got complicated due to fractional interest of political leaders t the grass root levels or through conflicting circulars of the state government.public  signalling of support by the state leadership always helps civil servants reach the poor people by ignoring political interferences that re aimed at securing individuals or groups interests of comparatively better off people in the society.
The message is clear that when properly empowered by political leadership,a project director or a district magistrate can be transformed into an effective instrument not only for innovation in service delivery but also for its quality and delivery on time.
                                             JAI HIND..JAI BHARAT

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