Thursday, 22 January 2015

If you are Thinking about investing in india : Understand some facts

If you are looking for a advice about investing in indian market to earn money a lot than you are at a place of thoughts. In present time 21th century india is the world`s third largest economy So there is lot of expectation of huge returns from the indian market.

Here i am discussing about some fact so that before investing in indian market you can gain faith and confidence. The most important factor is stable government of india working under prime minister Mr. Narendra modi. I think that after seeing seven months work of modi`s government gain faith of FII. Mr. Narendra modi has good financial policies ,good vision and excellent planning to develop  indian economy  in a fast way that why indian market index (BSE) is stable at 28,000.

here i clear that I am not supporting any political party but I want to share my views on new stable government and effect of their policies on indian economy.

In the world lot of news are coming from many financial agencies that indian market is the best place for investing . I heard yesterday that international monetary fund said india would overtake china as the worlds fastest growing economy in the year to march 2017, which will mark a historic switching of roles.( Source:economic times). 
The IMF said india`s gross domestic product is likely to grow at 6.3% marginally down from 6.4% projected in october,in the next fiscal year and 6.5% in the year to march 2017,which will be the third year of the modi government.
So Equity investor are gaining confidence that worries over inflation are preceding and growth could gain momentum. 
Now I am sharing some top stocks of the indian market (Bomaby stock Exchange)  in which you can gain good profit and better trust compare to others.for detailed of the stocks you can check technical charts.  these stocks are 

 1.   Titan company 
 2.   United spirits
 3.    Lupin

 According to me,all the stocks mentioned can certainly give going forward.

4.   Crisil Ltd.
5.   MCX
6.  Housing finance Companies
7.  Rallis india Ltd.

if india`s economy grows in stable and very fast way as in present time than free cash flow ,no investment needed,difficult monopoly to break -then volume is going to go through the root,
So it is a proxy for india`s economic growth and the financial sector.

If you have any doubt about investment in indian market than comment below .We will discuss.

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