Friday, 6 February 2015

I Got my Google adsense Pin postcard only in 21 days

After 21 days waiting i got my Google Adsense postcard pin number.When my adsense estimated earnings are reached at $10 on 12 januray 2015 than Google automatically generate and mail my personal identification number to the payment address listed on my Adsense account.And Google said that we mail your Adsense pin postcard after 3 business days and it take up to 6 weeks to arrive your Pin to your home.

But in the case of me i got my Pin after waiting Three weeks so i am very happy because I live in Rural area of india. Before getting my PIN i am searching over internet about Google Adsense postcard issues.In the result of this,some bloggers are said that you will definitely get your Adsense Pin postcard after 45 days,But i am not take this as serious because Google said that it take up to 6 weeks that is 42 days,then how i believe this 45 days.

Then i think Social sites are the good way to solve this doubt so i am go to Facebook and post about Adsense Pin postcard arriving time in  Rural areas of India ,and it is get much result and the majority people say that it must arrive approximately after 30 days ,and they also suggest an another alternative method to verify my address in Adsense ,and i think it is more easy than waiting up to one month and the method is 

  • After three request if you never get your Adsense Pin post card , there is additional link will come at the My account tab 
  • You go to this link and upload the scanned copy of your Passport or pan-card or anything like this which suitable to proving your identity.
  • Google will verify your Identity and Name that matching your payee name on Adsense .
  • After the verification process complete Google activate your Adsense account and you can seen you Finalized earnings.

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