Monday, 5 January 2015

PAKISTAN:- A dangerous & terrible country for humanity in the world

The latest action of pakistan`s army and  terrorists (live in Pakistan ) Now can be seen that in 2015 as violation of ceasefire many times in  a day.
As today is 6th of january Indian Air Marshal Mr. PP Reddy  gave a very serious statemant that india will have prepared for a war on two fronts pakistan and china as both are nuclear capable adversaries. So this is a very serious situation for india to take a strong intellegent action. Now I tell you how Pakistan is a terrible country in the name of humanity .

Can you imagine how human live their life near line of control  ? not only LOC civilians but also civilians that live in Pakistan.they also live their life in front of death. In a recent incident some terrorists entered in a  army Region school of karachi and murdered many child. So every day we found any terrorist activity in Pakistan by devil human. So this is  the time to control on terrorists.

 if pakistan soon could put the nuclear weapons in the hands of a government tied to terrorist networks. If al-Qaida allies were to come to power in Pakistan, you can not just imagine the threat that the world pose. The threat is not only for India or USA, but the whole world will suffer.

Even though a huge fund is flowing to Pakistan from US, US have no control over Pakistan. The western world with the leadership of USA went to war to remove the threat of special weapons in the hands of Saddam Hussein. Now time has come to do the same with Pakistan before the terrorists gets control of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. I could be only option lies with the world to remove threat of nuclear terrorism of Pakistan.


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