Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Hi Friends,
I wanted to wish you Happy New Year and merry christmas with a new message. I got this Amazing video in YouTube. This video shows whole year in 40 seconds. 365 days runs like seconds. It happened to me all these years. Could not even recall how I had spent 365 days in 2014. Hardly I could counted some hundred hours that I have done some useful jobs and Great expedition.

The same summer, same winter, same or more or less rain again repeats this year. But let our life may not be a repetition of previous year. Let it be more successful we have ever seen. Let it be more joyful than we have ever enjoyed. Let the tough time both we have faced individually and with the common minded people around the world not be repeated. Year 2014 has given many challenges to us, let us conquer these challenges in 2015. Let the world be peace, let the nature be calm, let us be cool.

Happy New Year 2015
Thanks  !!

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  1. Nice video. By the way Happy New year :)