Sunday, 20 January 2013

Why Do Not Indian People Get Noble In Science & Technology ??

Few Indian are willing to pursue a career in research in their own country as the enabling environment for it is missing.

Mr.Manmohan singh,who is the prime minister of India urged scientists to give top priority to research that would address pressing problems in the country,such ass energy security,agricultural productivity,safe drinking water and sanitation.

scientists across disciplines to collaborate with one another and with private research labs to foster innovation that would improve living conditions in India.
If that is happen,the country would first need an environment for research.A recent survey by the national bureau of economic research in the united states contains some revealing numbers.Switzerland has the highest rate of immigrant scientists and the united states,unsurprisingly,is the most popular academic destination around the world.

But shocking for India,40% of its research are emigrating to pursue their search abroad; the aspiring economic powerhouse is at the bottom of the list for retaining research talent..
So why does a country with trillion dollar economy not attract its own researches??

The protection and utilisation of public funded intellectual property bill(PUPFIP) the Indian equivalent of the Bayh-Dohle act,has been pending in parliament since 2008.if passed,it could help to leverage the best out of the intellectual properties of patents.A recent report from the Indian school business estimates that the total R&D spending of the top 100 companies is Rs.11500 crore,Only 13 percent of it goes into partnerships universities.
Intellectual property regulation and awareness could assist in increasing this share of spending by corporates in building university research centres.

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