Friday, 25 January 2013

Mission india education : Nagaland

Well defined objective oriented consistent effort to produce knowledge empowered manpower is the need of the society.The "horizontal" modal of academic leadership that emphasize collaboration and team work among the similar institutes as well as group of individuals can bring wonders in the field of academia.Organizational need to account for professional practices and expanding academic staff whose work contained an exploratory and innovative component; and growth in graduate and post graduate programmes need equivalents to the knowledge-transfer models.There is a need to understand teaching ,research and inovation,and this represents an opportunity to reorient the existing and required systems by which teaching and research are undertaken and supported.

 One of the most revered personalities Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Rightly stated that the ` 21th Century belongs to the knowledge age,where acquisition,possession and application of knowledge are the most important resources.knowledge has been the prime mover of prosperity and power; it empowers and enriches people,causes societal transformation,encourages discoveries and innovations,causes goodnesss in all spheres of the society resulting peace and prosperity.`knowledge is the sum total of education ,experience,research,intelligence and is basically harnessed in academic institutions.

 English is the official language of the state since 1967 as announced by the state of assembly and nagamese common lingua-franca.the state has 1,520 primay school with 2,24,715 enrolments,481 middle schools with 92,271 enrolments and 449 high and higher secondary schools having enrolments of 54,635 students.Nagaland has a literacy rate of 80.11%, male 83.29%, and female 76.99%. as per 2011 census .In 2001,the literacy rate in the state was 66.59%, a change of 13.52% is registered.This proves that the state has grown signficantly inthe education sector.The literacy rate of the state is much higher than the natinal average .Out of the total population of the state 12% numbering 1,38,637 is in the age group of 18-23 years.

 Every year 1000 students go for higher learning outside the state .In view of the youth of age group of 18-23 years,an alarmingly huge population of the school dropouts has been resulted every year.The present ratio of student :teacher in the country is almost 20:1. 
 finally i want to say that This data indicates that indian misson a long term planning and well orchestrated implementation strategy has to be taken up with the mission of "for the quality by the quality".

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