Monday, 21 January 2013

Indian in 21th century

 At the stroke of the midnight hour, between a few seconds of 31 December, 2000 and 1st January 2001, the third millennium was born. The birth of the new millennium was celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm and spirit all over the world, as the global media projected a new millennium image everywhere. It was indeed a landmark in human history and on that auspicious occasion, prayers were held all over the world. We should make it an era of peace and prosperity. But the thinking seems to be unfavourable for such a step.

 Life today is a struggle of man against problems. Problems are increasing day by day. Let us come together, think together and work together to face these problems with courage and conviction. There is need for a political will, democratic spirit, dynamic leadership and collective responsibility to put an end to the present day complex problems. This is essential for the safety, security and progress of man on earth.

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