Thursday, 18 April 2013

The trending e-commerce in India

  • India has always been an interesting market for the emerging market of the thoughtful people. India which is still believed to be a poor and underdeveloped country has a record of biggest marketplace for various big brands. The latest bliss of Indian market is the emergence of ecommerce and the various business associated with it. Taking an example of which was started some ago by 2 IITians has changed the face of Indian market of purchasing even valuables like cell phones with the ease of cash on delivery . The concept behind was not really e-commerce but the word 'COD' which means you don't have to pay for the product online but you will first receive the product and if it really entertain you as per your needs then you have to pay for it in cash but not in the form of e-money which is the fear full commerce of most of the Indians. 
  • Taking on the idea of e-commerce to another step, a bunch of people started selling clothes online and that came out to be another hit in the market.The market of clothes and most common items of daily use through Internet has become common now. What still is uncommon today is the selling of vegetables and fruits through Internet or through a call on the provided number as in case of a Chandigarh based startup ''.
  • Who thought that in this short span of time ticket booking of Indian railways will become so popular in the country like India where even less than 50% population doesn't know how to use Internet. Its just because it is much more convenient, economical and time saving. If you remember it was a project of atleast 3-4 hours to reserve a train ticket.
  • Similarly "Bargain bread" has initiated on an idea to serve those people who understand the value of time and money.
  • Just imagine how beautiful it is if you just order your fruits and vegetable online and its get delivered at your door step with good quality and less price in just 2 hours, instead of going for shopping wasting 1-2 hours with addition cost of Parking, Fuel, Time.
  • BargainBread provides Fresh, packed vegetables without any extra delivery cost.
  • Going through the words of one of the customers of this innovative startup i read somewhere,
  • E-Commerce has changed the way we used to do shopping. Train/bus/flight tickets , books, electronic items , clothing and what not !
  • Today I tried a Chandigarh based service for fruits and vegetables. To my surprise the prices were even lower than those offered by the local sabziwalla . Everything was fresh and the stuff was delivered at my place within 2 hours . Highly recommended stuff !     
  • According to the official facebook page ( of this startup, you just have to call on a number '08930030098' and make the order without asking for the price since they claim to provide fresh vegetables and fruits at the wholesale prices, that means the prices will be even lower than the vendors and fresher than the supermarket shelf.
  • The website updates daily and displays the price of the vegetables and the fruits. According to the customer reviews, the prices are found to be even lesser than the 'subzi mandi' prices.
  • If it is according to what it promises then the country must be experiencing another fashion trend of delivery of vegetables and fruits to their homes free of cost and within 2 hours.
  • So, these emerging innovative ideas in the market are the trend that is currently being followed by the Indians and the best thing is that the Indians are happily accepting the ideas of the new startup.


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